Music marketing , either for your band, artist profile or public image, the key approach being is to treat it like your in business. By building relationships within the music industry you find supporters while gaining leads to further opportunities, listeners who become loyal fans and theoretically, respectively speaking, may become the customer.

The power of social media and the exposure which can be created within the networks is fantastic for independent artists being able to interact with their fans, keeping them updated in a very effective way. Many new networks will be on the horizon, when we consider Myspace was a top leader for musicians to promote their music with another now taking center stage as the first choice as a social platform, for now.

Working with this in mind, as a business,while  looking toward competing with the major labels who poor millions into their artists, how many profiles do you need? Being able to manage or work with and the synchronization of as many accounts which are offering will guard against becoming overwhelmed or have a detrimental effect toward the creation of new productions. There are music profile sites coming up the ranks in many aspects and with marketing of their brand they will work within their immediate contacts, targeting a niche, marketing this avenue, then branching out as they create and build on the network.

Niche marketing is the first stage of many small businesses, internet marketers who work on a service they may provide or a few products on offer. The style of music being produced is the niche, 'twitter promotions' is ours and it those two keywords which are being marketed on twitter as hashtags, keywords in search engines, moving forward with the direction toward an opportunity for every independent artist to find their audience.

"The key to a band or artists success in in their fans, 
who recognize and promote the talent"

Welcome, it's great to have the website live with additional features also in the process of being added to the site. We're very appreciative of everyone's support which has really been fantastic. A big thank you to all the artists on the roster, all the fans, the supporters through a number of social media networks. RecoBand, highly recommend all artist and fans alike to view the features within the site from stats, widgets, the distribution and store options available. With 10 artists on the roster at RecoPromotions there is a great selection of talent and their music was the inspiration behind a number of idea's in supporting independent artists. 

The Facebook promotion pages, team follow back Twitter accounts at RecoPromotions, RecoBand, all of which are generating a good following and it really has been a team effort with the artists supporting each other in one way or another. The power of the social media networks with the many new ones also being added, are there to work toward building their brand while in turn, helping you build yours and can be done on a low or in many areas no budget at all. The competitive online market between websites to attract you to their sites is making this a great time on the internet, benefiting the artists, bands, labels and people or businesses in general. 

It may at times feel overwhelming with setting up the accounts, trying to manage them while searching for the correct paths to take for gaining the plays and visits from potential new fans of your music. Joining all current major social network giants like facebook for fan pages, twitter, reverbnation, myspace, soundcloud, purevolume, recoband and all are unique in their own right. By doing so the many more which are set up the bigger the audience and once you've achieved this, always be on the lookout for the next "myspace" or "facebook" because they are out there. In turn with accounts synced, soon noticing the rewards of your efforts. The above sites are best included in any marketing strategy along with the many more avenues available to us all, while also remembering and as Drexyl would put it, "Don't stop the music"

Thanks again everyone for your support and all the very best toward your success 


RecoPromotions 2011-2013